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The Cutest Baby Bibs Ever

bib image

I recently had the opportunity to receive some bibs to review. My son has NEVER been a bib fan. He would rip and tug at his neck until the bib wore a red mark or he successfully pulled it off.  Let me tell you, during the early teething stages, this meant we had frequent shirt changes since he drooled like a labrador staring at a ribeye steak.

During the time, I looked around at several boutique shops and WAHM’s on esty to find some of these bandana bibs. Many wanted $10-20 per bib and this was just out of my price range for something to catch drool. So we went with the traditional bibs from stores like Carter’s and the like. They served the purpose, but like I mentioned above, he didn’t care for bibs at all. But these #snappyswagger bibs are priced at $18.99 at Amazon¬†for five bibs. So for less than $4 a bib, he can be fashionable without breaking Mom’s piggy bank.

Enter these bibs from Snappy Swagger. They are lined with fleece so it doesn’t irritate his neck and it has adjustable snaps (like on his cloth diapers) that he can’t easily pull off. Now that he is 19 months, he has his a personality all his own and can easily tell me what he likes and doesn’t. While we were testing the bibs, he giggled and played with them instead of treating it like a torture device.

And again, being 19 months there is less drool and more food and drink involved in his life. These bibs held up to the typical toddler mealtime. Now, I wouldn’t use it if he was eating spaghetti or something equally messy. I would strip him and let him eat in his diaper, but for finger foods and drinks it worked wonderfully.

For future babies, I will definitely turn to these bibs first and I will be going back to stock up for all the baby showers I will be attending in the near future. (I swear my whole mom’s group is pregnant right now).


**Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for an honest review.**