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Cloth Diapers and Fluff Mail

I am cloth diapering Shark Baby. I knew before I got pregnant that cloth diapers were going to be in my mommy repertoire. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I told my husband that I wanted to use cloth. He looked at me like I had a third eye growing out of my head and asked why? I told him my reasons (more economical, ecofriendly, etc.) and he gave me the green light to do whatever I wanted.
I started my stash of diapers by purchasing some used diapers from a local cloth diaper retailer and off of Facebook. I accumulated about 25 diapers, which I thought would be great to get us started.
I quickly realized that many of the diapers I purchased weren’t truly “one sized” as advertised. My LO was much smaller in the waist and legs, thus leading to poopsplosions and other leakages. I quickly modified my stash by buying and selling some of my diapers in groups on Facebook. I thought my husband would kill me as he came home each day to find new diapers in the mail. I assured him that I was mailing out diapers to new owners as I brought new ones in.
Fast¬†forward to today where I am still building my stash with an almost three-month old. I just got three new all in one Blueberry diapers. These are by far the best for my LO and my family. They are super easy to wash and put away. I don’t mind the extra work of pocket diapers or fitted diapers, but it is more challenging for the hubby and sitter.
What are your favorite cloth diapers?
How many diapers are in your current rotation?