Beginning a New Chapter

Early in the morning on June 29, 2014, my world changed forever. Baby Finn made his entrance into the world. I was overwhelmed with love for this new life.
I am the proud aunt of numerous littles, many of which I have loved since birth. I have changed many diapers, washed many snotty noses and kissed hundreds of boo boos. But, none of this prepared me fully for my own son.
I had heard “It’s different when it’s your own” from many people as they were showering me with advice during my pregnancy. “It can’t be THAT different,” I thought to myself. Oh, it is. Yep. 100 percent different.
But different in a good way, I think. I (and my husband) are truly responsible to make sure this little guy is safe, healthy, happy and grows up “right.”
I am the one who makes sure he is fed, makes sure he is warm and makes sure he is comforted.
This has truly been a new chapter in the book of me. I can’t wait to turn the next page and see what’s next.


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